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クルージングプラン 船紹介 船のクルージングマップ 船の料理コース
船のお申込み 船の貸切料金 船のアクセスマップ クルージングのご質問
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The story to make everybody impressed starts here.

Large party adventure of several hours. In the stage that floats on the sea while improving the pulse of the chest.

It is a bridal and a party event in the bay shore where the night view with can be commanded. The manager can enjoy concentrating on the party progress because the cruise staff can have and he or she does Na. The leading part is surely satisfied of course. Will you do the production use for such a luxurious for a moment ship?The light of the city to which the tour in the bay shore that passed under the pier and the light were improved is to make memories that might not be forgotten through life.

13 secret card privileges(It is a privilege only of the pledge externals. )

  • 1.Private room < in 16 room people of VIP business BR > ..can use..
    (Because the glance from the outside can be shut out with the curtain, it is possible to use it as a dressing room. )
  • 2.Welcome in the arrival and departure place in a red carpet court.
  • 3.The staff : to meeting the pirate clothes and the full dress style as soon as demanding the customer.
  • 4.Meat, fish, vegetable, Pinchos produced fashionable, and content of dish of finger food type.
  • 5.The frozen ingredient is not used, and met with the creation dish of harmony, Hiroshi, and the inside.
    It is a business very mind of the plus as for the friend and groceries (dryness the one) of sake.
  • 6.It the overall opens it with a transparent curtain by the removable type in summer.
    It is ..Battiri for the cold.. scene in winter.
  • 7.The space over the prow, VIP room, the banquet hall, Skydeck, and 4 is freely produced.
  • 8.The meeting and sending off bus use by the low price is offered.
  • 9.Exclusive party support service to manager that becomes foot.
    (limitation on that day)Support of sound, lighting, and chairperson etc.
  • The content of that day of the party in animation for 10.3 minutes is placed in our homepage. (Only the applicant. )
  • Last remaining card..telephone. Please give one saying to me when you saw 'Homepage'.
  • (1) 5,000 yen refund to party plan sailed until 16 o'clock.
  • (2) One moral duty to the manager reserved by 50 people or more is free.
Please inquire, and search even for the staff to application.

We will wait to meet you in the enjoyment.